Patchwork Rugs
Ranges Available

NSW Leather is an Australian owned company, so we thought we would reflect our pride giving our three newly released patchworks rugs 'The Hinterland' wholesome Australian names.

The picturesque Southern NSW, 'The Riverina' which is famous for its rich heritage, natural beauty and the quaint country charm.

The beautifully rugged, 540 million year old landscape, 'The Flinders Ranges' with its dense twisted gum trees boasting immortality as the stony creeks whisper secrets of ancient and untold stories.

There is no man-made ambiance that can match the atmosphere and beauty of 'The Murray' Region. Steeped in Australian legend, the Murray River region awaits all to experience and become entwined in its heritage towns, pristine sandy beaches and vineyards.

Not forgetting our classic Patchwork Rembrandt beautiful which showcase quality and a luxurious feel.

These rugs are extremely durable, come with a non slilp back and are available in creamy white, solid black, dark Salt & Pepper, Black & White, Dark Exotic brown, Brown & White Light Exotic and traditional Grey.
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