Ranges Available

The footwear trade is one of our specialties. NSW Leather carries a comprehensive range of shoe leathers.

These leathers are suitable for Women/Men's shoe production as well as uggboots, moccasin, orthopaedic, baby shoes and safety Footwear.

Our range consist of cow, kid, goat, sheep, pig lining and buffalo leathers. Various tanning methods apply such as full chrome, semi chrome, aniline ,
semi aniline and full veg.

Shoe leathers are available in various type of finishes -Waxy, Oily, Glazed, Suede, Nubuck, full grain, corrected grain etc.

We carry an array of colours suitable for both Autumn/winter and spring/summer ranges. We also carry Exotic leathers such as genuine Snake skins,
Imitation Python, Croc prints etc.