Environmental Statement

NSW Leather Pty Ltd is a third generation Australian owned family business servicing the furniture, clothing, footwear, automotive, design and architectural industries. Leather dominates the ranges of products we offer.

NSW Leather Pty Ltd uses only the most reputable tanneries in Europe. These tanneries are certified to the following standards:

ISO 9001 – products are specified by the quality system ICEC an organisation specialising in the leather industry.

ISO- TS 16949 – products specific to the automotive industry.

E-Commerce quality mark – a certification testifying to truth in product information.

UNIC – products can testify to the authenticity of “genuine leather” in order to guarantee the quality to the end user.

Code of conduct – The awareness that sustainable development is a global and strategic aim together with engagement with the environment has led to a code of conduct being signed by our partners which includes social solidarity, professionalism, environment safety in the workplace and quality.

Our tanneries have for many years identified the environment as a major responsibility of their production. Leather is a by product of the food industry and as such is recycled into fine products for furniture, clothing, footwear, automotive industries.

As a consequence of our tanneries environmental commitment new technologies are constantly being developed to help reduce the effects that the leather industry has on the environment. These include:

  •  The adoption of new high-tech purification systems has led to the elimination of 98% of the polluting agents contained in air emissions.

  •  Continued water depuration to reduce pollutants and recycle water.

  •  Reduction in energy levels through improved efficiencies to reduce Greenhouse gases.

  •  Reduction in waste disposal.

Our tanneries continue to explore new and improved processes and systems to reduce environmental impacts.