Loop Creative carefully selected materials that accentuate the natural light and freedom one feels at this superb restaurant, including leathers from NSW Leather.

The banquette seating utilises Casablanca leather which is a semi Analine leather and ideal  for this application given the abundance of natural sunlight. The warm hand feel of the leather sits comfortably  during night and day.

The leather forms very well on the back rests and seats assisting to create a luxurious dining experience. The colour Ocean  compliments the natural elements of the natural skyline whether it is during the sun filled days or star filled nights.

Casablanca is a wonderful semi Analine leather that was used also for the wall panelling. Again using the Ocean colour it gave a wonderful blend to the Sydney harbour that can be easily seen in the background. And  environment amongst the clouds. Casablanca’s special finishes  and feel will last for years to come even with the constant exposure to sunlight.

Casablanca is well suited as a Semi Analine leather  to hospitality, commercial and residential applications and can be easily maintained.

For more information please see our Casablanca leather page or E Binder. Alternatively contact your nearest NSW Leather representative

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Infinity Tower





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