Pro-Tech Pure in Noir 10360

Pro-Tech Pure

Pro Tech Pure is an elegant semi aniline Nappa that combines the latest patented “protection” technology to assist in eliminating viruses and bacteria from replicating on the surface of the leather and thereby spreading. This unique Anti Bacterial, Anti-Viral treatment never before offered in Australia creates a barrier on the surface of the leather, killing 99.9% of pathogens that come into contact with it. Pro-Tech Pure, enables a safer healthier environment where used.

Pro-Tech Pure is ideal for use in

• Aged Care Facilities
• Hospitality and public seating venues
• Office and Work Environments
• Schooling and Auditoriums
• Aviation
• Home and Residential
• Automotive ,Rail and Marine Seating applications

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Pro-Tech Pure in Noir 10360
Indent Colours

Samples available immediately, 2-week lead time for orders

Pro-Tech Pure in Bobbi 10316
Pro-Tech Pure in Straw 10307
Pro-Tech Pure In Riva 10320
Pro-Tech Pure in Tapestry 10340
Pro-Tech Pure in Shoreline 10323
Pro-Tech Pure in Plum 10322
Pro-Tech Pure in Oaky 10333
Pro-Tech Pure in Palace 10343
Protech In Chestnut
Protech In Chic Rose
Protech In Cinder Grey
Protech In Cinnamon
Protech In Dark Tan
Protech In Crimson
Protech In Colvert
Protech In Clay
Protech In Deep
Protech In Ebony
Protech In Faun
Protech In Fire Red
Protech In Grey
Protech In Gold
Protech In Flour
Protech In Forrest
Protech In Hazelnut
Protech In Iris
Protech In Iron
Protech In Miel
Protech In Marron Glace
Protech In Lavender
Protech In Malt
Protech In Liquorice
Protech In Milk
Protech In Minty Milk
Protech In Moro
Protech In Mud
Protech In Ochre
Protech In OL Tremare
Protech In Night
Protech In Muffa
Protech In Oleander
Protech In Orage
Protech In Orange
Protech In Pale
Protech In Primitivo
Protech In Powder
Protech In Plaster
Protech In Papyrus
Protech In Prugna
Protech In Rock
Protech In Roof
Protech In Silver
Protech In Taupe
Protech In Sun
Protech In Slate
Protech In Sky
Protech In Tortora
Pro-Tech Pure in Alabaster 10301
Pro-Tech Pure in Tree House 10327

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*Product Options only available for Indent leather colours

Perforation Options
Perforation Options

Our Commitment


For 70 years NSW Leather Co. has been involved in the leather industry and we understand the need now more than ever, to preserve our planet.



We have a dedicated team who will provide a consultative approach to your business and are available to help find the best suited leather for any project.

Leather is a beautiful natural product, holes, marks and scars are to be expected. Wheelmark certification for use in all Marine applications. Colour variations will occur with each screen/monitor. Prior to ordering any leather hides from the colour display on our site, please request a leather sample to verify colour accuracy.