Ravello Tomato


Introducing the Ravello range, developed as a versatile leather to withstand all climatic conditions and heavy traffic. Featuring a semi matt finish and a soft silky touch, Ravello has superior abrasion and wear resistance.

With additional technology, it works to protect against varying temperature, moisture and light, which will assist in reducing fade over time. This leather also can be embossed with 17 different prints or 14 different perforations. It is ideal for use in commercial and residential applications as well as public spaces and wall panelling.

Available in 30 colours. To order samples for this product, please contact us.


Commercial / Residential Applications / Hospitality & High Traffic / Public Spaces & Wall Panelling

Colour variations can be expected to occur within each hide, from hide to hide and from batch to batch

Ravello Range Specification Sheet 2023 v2
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Indent Colours

Samples available immediately, 2-week lead time for orders

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Ravello Autumn 1210
Ravello Arancio 1243
Ravello Adriatic 1234
Ravello Bali 1227
Ravello Black 1207
Ravello Bravo 1208
Ravello Cacao 1221
Ravello Caramello 1239
Ravello Carob 1211
Ravello Cashmere 1223
Ravello Charcoal 1236
Ravello Cinnamon 1220
Ravello Clay 1237
Ravello Flint 1241
Ravello Foggy 1235
Ravello Frothy 1215
Ravello Lace 1226
Ravello Lino 1242
Ravello Oyster 1200
Ravello Peanut 1225
Ravello Penny 1231
Ravello Pine 1218
Ravello Sangria 1229
Ravello Seaweed 1232
Ravello Shadow 1205
Ravello Sky 1233
Ravello Sugar 1230
Ravello Sunset 1228
Ravello Tomato 1238
Ravello Umber 1240

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Perforation Options
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Embossed Effects
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NSW Leather Care Instruction
NSW Leather Care Instruction

Our Commitment


For 70 years NSW Leather Co. has been involved in the leather industry and we understand the need now more than ever, to preserve our planet.



We have a dedicated team who will provide a consultative approach to your business and are available to help find the best suited leather for any project.

Leather is a beautiful natural product, holes, marks and scars are to be expected. Wheelmark certification for use in all Marine applications. Colour variations will occur with each screen/monitor. Prior to ordering any leather hides from the colour display on our site, please request a leather sample to verify colour accuracy.