Bali 69140

Royal Protect

Royal Protect is sourced from a top German tannery. It is produced on best quality western European bull hides, making this a hard wearing leather that is also anti-bacterial. With exceedingly high rubfastness, sunlight fastness and flexing endurance, this leather is perfect for many applications.


This leather can be utilised in such applications and areas as hotels, restaurants, terraces, public seating, theatres, aged care facilities and residential options. 

Colour variations can be expected to occur within each hide, from hide to hide and from batch to batch

Also available in: Commercial & Residential

Royal Protect Specification Sheet 2023
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Antigua 39120
Aruba 59140
Bali 69140
Barbados 59130
Corsica 59138
Corfu 29160
Cayman 79162
Capri 29130
Crete 89180
Cuba 89112
Elba 59122
Fiji 29120
Hawaii 29176
Haiti 89135
Granada 39178
Fogo 99123
Honolulu 19171
Iceland 19120
Jamaica 59170
Java 89116
Madeira 69130
Mahe 19124
Lanzarote 79164
Kos 19161
Maldives 69200
Malta 19163
Martinque 39165
Maui 19167
Mykonos 39177
Naxos 79134
Rhodes 39168
Samoa 89170
Sal 19172
Samos 19130
Santorini 59120
Sumatra 79173
Sylt 19160
Tobago 39114
Trinidad 89174
Tonga 49115

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NSW Leather Care Instruction

Our Commitment


For 70 years NSW Leather Co. has been involved in the leather industry and we understand the need now more than ever, to preserve our planet.



We have a dedicated team who will provide a consultative approach to your business and are available to help find the best suited leather for any project.

Leather is a beautiful natural product, holes, marks and scars are to be expected. Wheelmark certification for use in all Marine applications. Colour variations will occur with each screen/monitor. Prior to ordering any leather hides from the colour display on our site, please request a leather sample to verify colour accuracy.