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Type: Natural Grain Bovine
Finish: Pigmented
Origin: Austrian
Size: Average 5.3 sq meters
Thickness: 1.3/1.4 mm
Application: All Commercial and Residential Outdoor and Indoor
Special Features: IMO 652
  AS 1530.3
  All weather resistant outdoor


Xtreme Outdoor is the result of years of research and development by top Austrian tannery Boxmark. Produced on best quality Western European Bull hides this leather has countless applications for both indoor and outdoor.

Xtreme Outdoor is an extremely hard wearing and water resistant leather and is easily resistant to harm from such elements as dirt, water, chlorine, disinfectants, mould, oil, alcohol and UV radiation as well as other weather conditions.

With maximum values for its technical properties,  Xtreme Outdoor’s appeal lies in its tactile quality, elegance and natural appearance.

This leather can be utilised in such applications and areas as Hotels, Restaurants (indoor and outdoor), Spas, Gyms, Conservatories, Terraces, Ships/Ferries/Boats/Yachts, Airports, Harbours, Trains, Aeroplanes, Caravans, Buses, Public Seating Areas, Museums, Theatres, Sports Stadiums, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Aged Care Facilities, Sanitary Facilities or any other application for Commercial and Residential use.

 Xtreme Outdoor has the following characteristics which allow the above applications: antibacterial, antimicrobial, mildew resistant, oil, water and alcohol resistant, sweat resistant, easy to clean, disinfection agent resistant, lightfast, highly abrasion resistant, highly stretch and tear resistant, break resistant even at freezing temperatures. Please click here to download laboratory test results/certificate.

This leather also conforms to the IMO 652 normative for flame retardency click here to download laboratory test results/certificate.

Xtreme Outdoor also conforms to the AS 1530.3 standard and certification. Click here to download a copy of the certification.

As this product is unique to the world the  Xtreme Outdoor is only authentic with the recurring X on the reverse side of the leather.

Xtreme Outdoor is exclusively imported and distributed by NSW Leather for Australia and New Zealand and the surrounding areas.

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